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Do not be conformed to this world
( follow the ways of the world)
But be transformed
(take on a new physical appearance)
By the renewing of your mind.
Tanya Before and after
Tanya before and after weight loss
Lost 70.4 Lbs

Does God care if I am fat?

God loves you enough to accept
you just the way you are,
but He loves you too much
to leave you just as you are!
God's love for us is far more than we can ever imagine. It is far greater than any love that we can ever express ourselves. God will love you no matter what size you are and He will accept you just as you are, but He also loves you too much to leave you in the same condition as you were when you found Him.

God created you as a perfect being, in His image. Your weight problems have developed outside of His will and due to factors that you did not allow Him to control. God wants to return you to the original state that He created you - Perfect.

Overweight is unhealthy and God has called for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am sure it pains God to see you short of breath and suffering from potential heart disease etc due to weight factors.

God wants to help you to lose weight again and to become the perfect creation so that you can walk tall and proud, healthy and perfect.

What do I need to do to lose weight?

There are a couple of things that you must do and a couple of things that you mustn't do.

First the things that you don't need to do :-

- Diet
- Strenuous exercise
- Take diet supplements
- Stress about your weight.

Let me tell you something about the God that I serve. He is a jealous God who does not share His glory with anyone - not even you. If you do any of the above to make yourself lose weight then who is doing it, you or God!

When you try to do something yourself, God just sits back and waits for you to give up and say

"God I can't do it - Please do it for me"

The principle above applies to all things and not just your weight. The only thing that God ever expects of you is that you read and apply His word to your life. His principles are totally different to those of the world.

What you need to do to lose weight God's way:-

- Discover who you are in Christ
- Understand that God wants you to be perfect
- Submit to God.

Ignorance kills. If you did not know that Jesus died on the cross for you, how could you ever be saved!

If you do not know that God loves you and cares about how you look, how can you ever lose weight effectively.

Once you begin to understand just how powerful the word of God can be in your life and just who you are in Christ, and start to allow God to work in your life, you will be amazed at the physical transformation that will take place.

Weight will suddenly start to fall off of you without you having to make any effort towards weight loss, and even better, the weight will not return.

Weight Loss God's Way

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